2 of Swords – Life Choices

The Two of Swords symbolizes the confusion we face when we are forced to make difficult choices. When we see the Two of Swords in a reading, we are encountering a stalemate. Two equal and opposing forces are joined in battle, and there seems to be no end in sight. This wasn’t what you had in mind when you chanced to walk down this path, and you find yourself caught in the middle.

Julia Gillard former Labour Prime Minister of Australia

Childlessness is not a recent phenomenon. It has been increasing in Australia over recent decades. What is disturbing is that it has resulted in an upsurge of media commentary on the lives of childless women. During her term as Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was subjected to the most appalling commentary about a private choice that had no bearing on her capacity to lead the country.

Scolded by political enemies for being ‘deliberately barren’ the ever resilient Gillard shrugged off such criticism, publicly revealing a joke that she had shared with Barack Obama: “I tell him, ‘You think it’s tough being African-American? Try being me. Try being an atheist, childless, single woman as prime minister’.”

In Australia the number of women remaining childless has increased over recent decades, with 32% of Australian women over the age of 15 years childless at the 2006 Census (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007), an increase of 5% from 1986.

What’s Childlessness Got to Do With It

Media organisations, acting as gatekeepers decide, not only which stories will be disseminated to the public, but how this information will be framed and presented. All to often, when the news media make the decision to cover a particular story, they select certain aspects of the issue while excluding others. In the case of Julia Gillard, nasty political wrangling coloured the reporting about her childlessness.

While Gillard insisted she had no regrets about the choices she has made, such reporting inevitably has a ripple effect. Gutter press like this infiltrates and impacts on the mental well being of other women who are making similar choices. In such in an environment it is hardly surprising that for some women, drawing the Two of Swords only serves to highlight the quandary they find themselves in as they deal with a society that have held to the stereotype that ‘marriage and mothering [are] the natural aspirations of all women.

Making Reasoned Choices in a 2 of Swords Moment

Some decisions are so simple that you’re barely aware you’re making them, while others are time consuming, high risk, and can leave you feeling anxious.

Light Seers Tarot

See the blindfolded girl with squawking crows expressing their views? This is how it can feel as you anticipate facing the wanna be grandmother to tell her that you have decided not to have children.

Don’t stay blindfolded and at the mercy of the masses. Do a simple Google search and you will find lots of advice about decision making. The bottom line is that it always helps to have investigated and considered the situation in detail.

On the matter of a life choice, such as deciding whether to have children, at least if you have done the reading you will be well equipped to deal with the opinions of the ‘crows’, the so called experts who are so willing point accusing fingers and dispense dubious, highly subjective advice.

Making Important Decisions?
Pull out the Journal – Try Working With Some Spreads

Remember that this is your one wild and hopefully beautiful life and you don’t have to be marionette on a string, dancing to the tune spun by pervasive societal expectations. If you are reading this and you are making a life changing decision I am pretty sure you have at least a couple of Tarot or Oracle decks on hand. Devout readers will attest to having had pretty freaky, on point, readings with cards. At the very least the imagery and associated guidebooks will open doorways of perception. You will be amazed by the paths and rabbit holes they take you down. So be as adventurous as Alice. There is nothing to lose and plenty to gain by playing along.