The High Priestess

In its simplest sense, the High Priestess represents the unconscious. Bearing symbols such as the moon, the sea, columns of light and shadow, this is about inner wisdom, that which we understand on an intuitive level, but don’t (or aren’t able to) access regularly.
Little Red Tarot

The gang were enjoying a raucous evening of revelry by the old Billabong of the famed Waltzing Matilda. They had boiled a billy and conjured up ghosts of the Swagman, the Squatter and those horrid Troopers who came riding in. They played games and had folk guess the identity of the jolly jumbuck who Banjo Patterson was on about. They agreed that it was one of those sheep people who graze in these parts.

Some possums, who had a wee much to drink wandered off to the outdoor dunny, or Thunderbox as it is often called, to relieve themselves.

The commotion, as they ran back with an equally terrified tree, was deafening.

“What on earth are you all so agitated about?” asked Bonnie who was not exactly known to be a calm, reasoned bird.

The possums shivered and shook and could barely speak! They pointed, eyes full of terror, to a red back spider.

“You silly nuff nuffs” laughed Bonnie and the Raven. “That is Rosie the High Priestess who is very wise”.

Bonnie refrained from mentioning that it was actually the Old Crone who enjoyed shape shifting and messing with people’s minds.

Everyone laughed! Donkey produced his iphone and as night fell they sat by the fire and all enjoyed singing Waltzing Matilda and Slim Newtons ‘The Redback on the Toilet Seat’.

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