The Lovers

Suggested interpretation: Union, Marriage, Partnership

The Platonic belief that divine love is the motivating powers of the cosmos was widely entertained by Renaissance humanists.

The power that ties the bond
Of nature’s laws is Love,
Love rule the land and sea alike,
Love regulates the heavens above

Everyone was ecstatic about some black swans gracing the Billabong. They hurried to the waters edge to watch as these birds frolicked in the deep blue pool. A frog stopped in his tracks. He had been playing his favourite diving game, which involved diving from a lily pad and swimming to the entrance of Ms Platypus’s pad. He loved to peek in and see what she was doing.

Lanky Legs, as everyone knew him, dived again and gave Ms Platypus a hoy to let her know that visitors had arrived.

Meanwhile Bonnie explained, to those that were gathering, just how auspicious the arrival of the Black Swan lovers is. “Swans have long been associated with romance” she announced with that authoritative air she gets. “The classic image of their necks intertwined in a heart shape as they float gracefully along the river is part of a courtship ritual” she added.

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