The Chariot

This trump typically displays a pageant wagon on which medieval plays were frequently mounted. Sometimes it displays a war chariot. In this case, as she develops her brand, Bonnie has chosen to depict focused, forward moving energy.

Beth Maiden from Little Red Tarot writes that “the Chariot represents the forward-moving energy that can arise from your sacred focus, if you actively choose it. Knowing precisely where you want to go, and throwing your weight behind that goal. We often see black and white animals pulling the chariot on this card, representing opposing forces, working together for a common goal. Your butterfly mind may want to travel in different directions, you may have a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, but what’s important is that you get all of these opposing energies within yourself travelling in the same direction. Rein in that butterfly mind and get it under your control”.

In this case the emphasis is certainly on forward focused movement. The kangaroos and birds are united while a hapless possum, is simply coming along for the ride. Sometimes it feels as though we are being propelled by forces beyond our control and we have little choice but to go with the flow.

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