As an archetype, Death is the great transformer. Death is the Wheel turning. Death is the march of time. Death is inevitable.

But this isn’t about literal death. It represents part of a cycle that we move through over and over in our lives. Our lives are made up of eras, identities, chapters, each one a cycle with a start and a finish. Death is about the finishing, the ending of a cycle…and the start of something new. Death carries rebirth inherent within it, its necessary conclusion.

“If you’re sitting across from me at the pub as I pull out my tarot cards there’s is one thing I can predict without the help of the cards: you are not the first person to say, half-jokingly, “I hope I don’t get Death!”

It’s a joke, but it’s also not. People don’t like the idea of death and, in my experience, like the idea of knowing about their own death even less. Despite this, I’m of the opinion that Death is definitely the best tarot card. Death is the raddest of the characters in the Major Arcana. Death rocks up in a black cloak, sometimes skeletal, usually riding a horse, and casually asks you to come with. Death is like an older sibling who, after a long life of being too cool to hang out with, you finally says, “Okay, fine, you can ride passenger side in my Honda Civic.” from Death is the Best Tarot Card

Bonnie shares Jess Zlotnick’s view of the Death Card but even she is in awe when a murder of Ravens mourn over their dead. Calling to each other, gathering around, and paying special attention to a fallen comrade is actually common among the highly intelligent corvids, a group of birds that includes crows, jays, magpies, and ravens.

Key words and concepts

  • Personal transformation
  • Starting over, moving on
  • The ending of a cycle
  • Letting go, saying goodbye
  • Preparing to begin a new cycle
  • Ritual to honour change
  • Being in the flow of change, not resisting
  • Letting go of an old identity, accepting that you have changed
  • Honouring the seasons of life

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