The Sun

In all the Tarot Suns the solar orb or sunburst is prominently displayed and, indeed, is the one consistent image. An interesting design for the Sun that appears on seventeenth and eighteenth-century tarots of the Belgian pattern depicts a single boy, sometimes naked, riding a horse and carrying a banner. Bonnie is appalled and immediately produces her Hard Core Sunscreen for this child and even for the hardy lizards shown here.

Visit a summertime beach or poolside and you’re likely to find humans stretched out to enjoy the sun. Lizards also bask in the warm rays of sunlight, but their focus is on survival, not on getting a tan. Lizards lay out early in the morning, relying on the morning sun to jump-start their metabolism.

Like all members of the reptile class, lizards are cold-blooded. That means their bodies do not generate stable internal temperatures like those of birds and mammals, warm-blooded animals. Cold-blooded creatures depend on the environment around them to control their body temperature. Lizards bask in the morning sun to raise their internal body temperature and stimulate their metabolism. They position their body to soak up maximum sunlight, spreading themselves to create more surface area. As their internal temperature warms up, their muscles become limber, which is crucial for hunting and escaping predators. If a lizard becomes too warm, it will move into a shady spot or burrow into cool soil.

This card may feel like waking up from hibernation. After a long winter, we finally feel the sun’s rays on our faces and awaken, refreshed and ready to move. It’s the energising nature of that light, the way it encourages us to rise and embrace the day.

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