Rosie Red Back Cassowary Reading

Paternal Energy. Balanced Masculinity and Femininity. Strength. Stubborn. Earth Wisdom. Rainforest Wisdom. Prehistoric Wisdom. Overcoming Obstacles. The Forest Warrior. Parent of Trees. Self Defence. The Wild Heart.

Cassowary’s have complex mythological stories associated with them in Australia, Papua New Guinea and other regions. One by the Ilahita people of PNG suggests that cassowaries shed their skin and turn into beautiful human women, and that if a mortal should steal the skin, he could imprison the woman. There is also a contemporary myth circulated in Australia that; because they can fatally attack humans, there has been a spate of cassowary-caused fatalities amongst tourists in Australia, and that the government has been covering up their deaths. Clearly the cassowary is popular in all manner of storytelling. Source: Wildspeak

There are three living species of cassowary, one is the third largest bird in the world, living in Papua New Guinea and Australia. They are strong birds with large casques (bony growths) on their head. These casques are used in courtship, territorial disputes, attacks, and to protect their head when they careen through the forest) and strong legs, they are the only armoured bird in existence today. The legs are extraordinarily powerful and are equipped with a long innermost claw. Cassowary kicks have been fatal to humans, and the cassowary has been listed as the most dangerous bird in the world in the Guiness Book of World Records.

With a helmet worthy of any roman soldier and razor-sharp claws from the dinosaur age. The cassowary spirit is one of a spiritual warrior. A solitary soldier of nature. Ready to protect with ancient knowledge, wisdom and crazy fighting skills.

When a Cassowary came tapping at my chamber door I wondered what advice she could possibly be seeking. After all, she knows how to safeguard herself and everything she loves. She has a heightened sense of danger and knows when something is wrong long before the event actually happens.

It turned out that this particular Cassowary wanted some advice about her emotional needs. So I dipped into my resources and turned to Rider Waite and the Morgan Tarot, which is more like an Oracle deck than a Tarot Deck.

“Try to move away from that steely reserve and heightened sense of danger and open yourself up to love. Consider directing your awe inspiring intuitive powers to conjuring some magic. Take this special powder, wrapped in the bark of a gum tree, from Bonnie’s Bush Apothecary, and use it with some spell making as the moon rises”.

Humans reading this might note that the Cassowary brings us one of the most important lessons of mankind today. The metaphysical message behind this incredible ancient bird is to work with nature not against it. To work with all things in and around us to reach a balance, a deliberate harmony. Harmony and balance bring peace and happiness.

Living in this manner with honour to all things creates earth magic of an ancient kind. Good feelings and energy spread like wildfire, when people catch on, it grounds the common sense of it all. Once momentum has been reached all the forests inhabitants all work together with natures rhythms. And no is harm is done, actually, the opposite happens, an influx of extreme abundance. Finding this balance in your own life is the symbolic message of the Cassowary totem.

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