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Writing with Tarot – Eight of Swords

Surrendering one’s power to an unknown entity, whether it’s fate, or God, the government or something else means that you are giving away your own personal responsibility to affect change. You have willingly relinquished the driver’s seat in the journey of your own life, and it isn’t going well for you. It is advisable for you to avoid making an important decision at this time since your judgment is likely clouded.
Source: Labyrinthos

The Eight of Swords from the Shadowland Tarot

Memoir Journal Writing

When do you feel the most trapped? How does your own thinking create limits in your life? What can actions can you take right now to release yourself from a situation you don’t like?


Write in the third person about a character who is experiencing an eight of swords challenge and how they are able to unbind themselves and regain some composure and power.

Letter Writing

Consider the situation Lindy Chamberlain and Schapelle Corby fround themselves in. Write a fictional letter, from a prison cell, to an Embassy appealing for some support. OR Write to someone close to you expressing feelings and emotions.

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