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Jeannie Little Played the Fool

The Fool balances on the edge of the cloud preparing to take the leap into the unknown. Divine Feminine Tarot.

The Fool is often associated with the Royal Court Jester and there is no doubt that Jeannie Little was a talented jester. Jeanne Mitchell, born 11 May 1938 – died 7 November 2020 professionally became known as Jeannie Little, was an Australian entertainer comedienne and television personality who won the Gold Logie in 1977. She was the larger-than-life personality who made all her own flamboyant clothes and captivated audiences with her unique, down-to-earth humour. Knife throwing, paragliding, singing, dancing and riding an elephant were just some of Little’s hilarious highlights when working on The Mike Walsh Show from 1974 to 1982.

Jeannie’s talents seemed to be inexhaustible. She was not only a TV personality but had a long history of being a madcap dressmaker and cabaret performer. In an upstairs alcove in the Sydney suburb of Paddington, she had established her own dressmaking shop where she designed dresses for wealthy women and retired showgirls.

As a result of her work on television during the 70’s and her charismatic personality she not only won the hearts of an adoring public, but was often characterised as a relatively rare example of a female larrikin – a rough, uncultivated Australian.

The Fool carries enormous potential in her back pack and is always excited about beginning new adventures.

Play Like Jeannie

  • Raid a Charity Store. Begin wearing eccentric, hilarious and madcap clothes.
  • Jeannie was paid peanuts and had to be resourceful. She made jackets out of tin foil and dresses covered with balloons, or pale pink prawn crackers and milk bottle caps. As well as the disposable dresses, Jeanne designed edible hats made of food including pizza, french fries, crumpets, bangers and mash, ice cream cones and frankfurters. Come up with your own crazy design.
  • Jeannie had an inexhaustible array of ideas and adventures. Dream up an adventure and set out.