5 of Cups – Respond to Red Flags

Sadness, loss, grief, despair, abandonment, guilt, remorse, regret, trauma, bereavement, mourning, heartbreak, unwelcome change, emotional instability, focusing on loss, focusing on negative emotions, isolation, loneliness, emotional baggage, divorce, separation, anger, disappointment

Morgan Greer Five of Cups. Some would point to the rich landscape and say that this character has plenty in front of him and should stop crying over ‘spilled wine’. Good luck with this if you are grieving about the death of someone or are suffering from depression. This might be the opportunity to show some compassion for yourself. After all, grieving is normal isn’t it?

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia and, frighteningly, the leading cause of ill health in girls and women aged between five and 44. One in three women will experience anxiety in their lifetime, with numerous studies suggesting the condition is on the rise.

Working with the Five of Cups may help us identify and understand what is happening when we experience anxiety, depression and feelings of disappointment. Perhaps you are feeling unhappy that a certain situation hasn’t really turned out the way you have hoped it would and you feel incapable of moving towards a more positive perspective.

While this card seems to say that you are dwelling in the past, inducing feelings of self-pity and regret it can also act as a reminder to acknowledge things that have gone wrong. If all that emotional baggage has been causing feelings of instability. deep remorse, regret, anger, sorrow or disappointment it is time to pay attention. Clearly some red flags are appearing and it may be time to seek some support.

Thankfully, when it comes to mental health, an increasing number of celebrities have come forward to reveal their own struggles in order to show how mental health can affect us all, regardless of social status. In doing so they are not only helping to break down the stigma that has all too frequently been associated with mental health breakdown. They also offer strategies that may be employed to address such health issues.

Jessica Rowe, an Australian television presenter, is one ambassador for Women’s Mental Health. Another Australian women who has spoken out about her struggle with mental health issues is Melissa Leong, the first permanent female judge on MasterChef Australia.

“There are some times when I just need to go into a quiet space and shut the door and have half an hour to myself.  If I need a day like that where I just need that little bubble of time, it could be 10 minutes, I will tell them and they will find the next available opportunity for me to just have a minute.”

The Latch – Melissa Leong
Melissa Leong

Melissa Leong may have enjoyed a successful career but she will never let you believe it’s all love, hearts and sunshine. Life is fabulous, yes, but there is more going on behind the shine. No matter who you are there are inevitably going to be those Five of Cups times.

In an article for the Slow Down, Melissa is heart-breakingly honest about her struggles with both her physical and mental health. She openly shares her incredible resilience and ways of coping when things aren’t going to plan and has been quoted as saying that she “started going to therapy in my early to mid-20s. I had a breakdown – I’ll be really honest. I don’t hide it but I don’t obviously advertise it either.”

Leong explains that going to therapy helped her get in touch with her feelings and find ways to express them. She adds that she also uses exercise and meditation to help manage her depression and that through a correct diagnosis, supplements and good nutrition, she was able to slowly get better.

Being Kind To Yourself

“Sometimes you don’t have a choice about what happens to you, necessarily, but what you do have control over is how you deal with it.” Jessica Rowe

Sometimes, when you are in a 5 of Cups funk and you can’t find the words to talk to anyone the best thing you can do is to simply be kind to yourself. Try turning to a gentle oracle deck that will reliably dispense sage advice. Two decks that come to mind are the Arboridium Oracle and Into the Lonely Woods. Both have insightful readings in the associated guidebooks that may help you turn the corner. However, there are plenty of others to choose from.

Lay out some Five of Cups and then draw from the decks you turn to when you are feeling less than your best. Quietly examine the cards and read the guide book. Watch as you feel trickles of soothing balm begin to ease your pain, offering respite, even for a short time.

Being Self Aware

Self-awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts, or emotions do or don’t align with your internal standards. If you’re highly self-aware, you can objectively evaluate yourself, manage your emotions, align your behavior with your values, and understand correctly how others perceive you.

“It is important to be self aware, but not everyone chooses to be self-aware”.
“Empathy and vulnerability is really powerful, kindness is even more powerful”.

You will find plenty of suggestions about how to raise self awareness online. For example:

  1. Look at yourself objectively and show yourself some compassion.
  2. Keep a journal.
  3. Write down your goals, plans, and priorities.
  4. Perform daily self-reflection.
  5. Practice meditation and other mindfulness habits.
  6. Take personality and psychometric tests.
  7. Ask trusted friends to describe you.
  8. Ask for feedback at work.

It can be challenging to identify strengths when you are caught in a 5 of Cups whirlpool of despair. Happily there are an enormous number of tarot spreads available on Instagram and Pinterest that you can use to open doorways to fresh insights. The creators of these two examples have not identified themselves. If you know who created them please write details in the comment box.

So! Begin by laying down a Five of Cups. Meditate upon this card, noting all your reactions to what you see and how you are feeling. Use scrap paper if you are worried about someone reading your notes. Now, pull out your Gentle Tarot or Oracle decks and test run one of these fab spreads. Make sure to journal your immediate reaction (use scrap paper if you don’t want anyone to find your words).

Writing will help you to remember to apply this strategy again, especially if using it has actually helped you revive, if only for a short period.

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