Bonnie’s Energetic

The Cockatoo is also a symbol of change. You’re about to embark on an important learning process which will require dedication, yet will be very stimulating and fulfilling.

Cockatoos teach us to celebrate the self and to embrace self-love at a deep soul level. They represent a sense of community, and the importance of communication and compromise in all your relationships be it with your family, friends or work colleagues.

Cockatoos are suggestive of the presence of spirits. The cockatoo shows up as a spirit guide when you feel a need for spiritual freedom or want to summon extraordinary creativity and inject sheer joy into your life. The coming of Cockatoo is a sign that a spiritual transformation is in progress.

Bonnie is a testament to the notion that the Cockatoo is a symbol of change. She has proven to be a willing companion when you are ready to embark on a journey or learning process. She demands dedication but you can be sure that the process, that working with her will be stimulating, joyful and fulfilling.

Look at the colours of the showy crest of the Cockatoo, and how the Cockatoo uses its crest in communication. If you see a Cockatoo with a bright crest, they are trying to teach you to best ‘show your colours’. A more reserved coloration of the crest means the Cockatoo may be trying tell you to approach situations with more tact.