Graveyard Inspiration

Even if you’re not George R. R. Martin, death is a great way to liven up a plot, move your readers, or explore the world of your novel. And where do we find death? In graveyards! That they’re tranquil spots where you can commune with your ideas in peace is a bonus.
The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn and I are clearly on the same page and rather than repeat what this writer has to offer I suggest you visit the page for ways a writer can gain inspiration from visiting a cemetery.

As the moon rose, the graveyard of my ancestors transformed. The translucent light breathed life into the worn, faceless statues of praying children and winged angels. It smoothed away fissures and softened broken edges. In the moonlight, the crooked headstones stood proud, keeping to their duty even as time wore away the messages they bore. I walked through the tangled weeds until I reached the back gate and an empty plot. This space, beneath the bower of an old oak, was my own. How odd to stand here in the dewy grass, knowing someday I would never leave it again.

One Stop for Writers

Personally, as a dead dude I love to visit graveyards and listen to what the tombstones and bones have to say. Plus, armed with this cheat sheet by One Stop For Writers you will fill up pages.

Have you considered?

  • Taking lots of photos to work with
  • Visiting the Graves of Famous Writers
  • Using Headstones to Build the Skeleton of Your Character
  • Studying Obituaries for Character Inspiration
  • Using a cemetery as a setting for a piece of fiction.
  • Doing a Tarot reading in a cemetery and writing spontaneously.