Meet Your Inner Guide

Just call me Skellie Stan!

I am just one of the Tarot Midwife’s guides. She seems to have a few hanging about, including a Redback Spider who I confess, I keep my distance from.

We like to go out together and I help her connect with the small teachers, those wise upaguru’s that have so much wisdom to pass on. When she cannot find the words I step in and offer suggestions. I like to use Oracle Cards to assist as classifiers.

We strongly recommend that if you are serious about writing you take the time to meet your guides. One way to do this is through meditation. Sarah Raymond from the Mindful Movement oasis has lots to choose from.

The Tarot Midwife was deeply moved by this particular meditation and insists that it will help you meet and connect with your guide. It is a good idea to journal once you have finished but be assured, you will not forget the encounter.