An Unlikely Philosopher

Taking my awareness on an unlikely adventure! Passing through differently structured doorways back to former lives.

Suspend any preconceived ideas! I may now be a disembodied skeleton ornament but be in no doubt! I am a sentient being who has fragmental memories of having lived before. Reminded, on a daily basis, of how many ‘skins’ I have worn and shedded over the centuries, I have decided to write and share stories about my past lives.

Believe me when I say that I’ve had many! Scheherazade, wife of ruler Shahryār, who I was fortunate enough to meet in one lifetime, told one tale each night. As an ornament I don’t have to fear the Shahryar’s of the world. This not withstanding I may just tell one tale, based on a Tarot card, each night and unseat Arabian Nights with the stories I share about my past lives.

Of course it will take awhile to consider some of the karmic dues I have had to repay. I mean look at me now! I’m wondering which life has led me to be reincarnated as a disembodied statue with one arm and eyes that pop out. 

More than 101 Lives Well Lived