Queen of Wands – Margaret Throsby

This is the kind of person everybody wants to be. The Queen of Wands has all the confidence and dynamism of the other wands characters, but hers is truly grounded in passion. She lives a life that she really loves, and owns it all with joy (even the rocky patches – this isn’t about having a ‘perfect life’.)
Little Red Tarot

confident, self-assured, passionate, determined, social, charismatic, vivacious, optimistic

The Queen of Wands is strong, bold, courageous and passionate. She is an independent, enterprising woman who is ready to take on whatever life throws at her. She is energetic, vivacious and high-spirited. The truth is that there are many women who reflect the energy of this dynamic Queen but as she celebrates 55 years with the Australian Broadcasting Commission, there is no doubt that Margaret Throsby, nicknamed the Velvet Throat, can wear this crown.

Margaret Throsby was born in Neutral Bay, a lower north shore suburb of Sydney. Her father was Charles Throsby, an English barrister who died when she was 12, and her mother was Alison Battarbee, a cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. She attended North Sydney Girls High School, then spent a year studying speech pathology after leaving school.

In 1967 she began working for the ABC, presenting a wide range of music and current affairs programs. She has been credited with overcoming ‘major barriers to the accepted roles for women in broadcasting. Margaret broke the sound barrier for a new generation and became the first of them to read national radio news, and in 1978 was the first woman to present national television news’ (SIPCA website, 2008).

Over the last two decades Margaret Throsby’s Interviews on ABC Classic have given extraordinary insights into the lives, work and musical interests of her special guests. Margaret’s guest list includes Prime Ministers, divas, trailblazers and humanitarians and it is Margaret’s warmth and engagement with her guests that makes these interviews fascinating.

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