Rosie’s Tarot Collection

Wisdom of Australian Animals

From common animals such as the kangaroo and wombat, to the little-known potoroo and quoll, a wide range of birds, mammals and reptiles can be found in this unique oracle deck. Each card in the Wisdom of the Australian Animals Deck shows one animal, with keywords and rune, astrological, and crystal correspondences in the border.

This unique deck, which is unfortunately out of print, is an important deck in my collection. The main role this deck plays is that it introduces me to wildlife seeking a reading.

Show Me Cards

A bundle of card prompts, by a New Zealand artist, that you lay down in a reading in any format you choose.

Perfect for those who struggle to remember giant spread layouts without constantly referring back to a book or guide sheet.

I use these cards when wildlife show up wanting a reading but really have no idea what they want to ask. We shuffle these first.

Original Rider Waite

Of the hundreds and hundreds of tarot decks available today, one deck stands out as the most popular tarot cards of all. The Rider Waite Tarot Deck earns top place among the most popular tarot decks of all time. The Rider Waite Tarot has been known by many names and sold in many versions since its creation more than a century ago.

Arthur Edward Waite understood the rich symbolism and spiritual significance that is found in tarot. Frustrated with the limitations he saw in his Marseilles decks, he thought he could design a better tarot deck.

In the first decade of the 1900’s, he commissioned a friend and fellow Golden Dawn member, Pamela Colman Smith, to illustrate a new deck of tarot cards. Pixie, as she was known to friends, was a young and talented artist and a well-known illustrator for advertisements and theater bills.

What Waite and Smith created was unlike any deck of tarot cards that had come before. In the Rider Waite Tarot each numbered suit card, or pip card, is fully illustrated. This gives all 78 cards a unique feel that fully expresses that individual card’s story. Some pip cards are abstract works of art while others are full tableaus of people in action.

Morgans Tarot

Comprised of 88 cards, Morgan’s Tarot isn’t really a Tarot deck, but rather a higher-conscious oracle borne of mystical prescience.

Irreverent at times and profound at most, Morgan’s Tarot is arguably more relevant now than it was in 1970. With Now Age ideas like Awakening, Present Moment Awareness, Energy, Non-dualism, Oneness, OM, Lost Worlds (e.g. Atlantis and Mu), Akashic Records, etc. spreading into the “mainstream”, Morgan’s Tarot could have easily been first published in the 21st Century.

Illustrated by Darshan Chorpash, this deck features line drawings and text on one side and an intricate, non-reversible Love is God design on back.

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