Sentient Connections

The world is a sentient being and communicates with us at every moment, from the clouds painting pictures on the sky to a rare kookaburra laughing nearby.  It’s an animistic approach, and one that is lovely and introspective for those who enjoy looking at more esoteric approaches. It’s a way of being fully present in the world with an extra perspective of interconnections.

Unusual experiences, like being startled or noticing something, can act as springboards to new ideas you can apply in your life.
Source: Native Symbols

One way to connect is to draw and meditate on an image of an animal. In this case I might write the dialogue between this wise Lizard and the young Bandicoot.

Developing Connections

  1. Look up the first creature or living thing that comes into your head (that is Australian) and see how its ‘medicine’ applies in your life – it might hold a key on how to make positive change.

As an example I was out walking, picnic basket in hand, when I saw a fleeting movement and then this wee Lizard froze and enabled me to take a photo.

Lizards have found their way into human artworks. The lizard hibernates through winters and reawakens in spring. This symbolizes resurrection and rebirth.

In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the lizard symbols are representative of plentiful abundance. Along with the Mediterranean countries, lizards in house meaning is that of an old friend or acquaintance.

In Hindus, the ‘chirping sound of black lizard animal is taken as holy, wealthy, auspicious, and abundant. In the Bible, the biblical meaning of lizards in dreams is unclean. 

Lizard significance even found them a place in Shakespeare’s Macbeth where the three witches boil lizard legs, among other animal parts, to make their broth. 

As mentioned earlier, the Italian word for lizard is lucerta, which means the “shining light,” and is closely akin to a wizard. 

Lizard totems were very powerful to the Native Indians and Aborigine tribes. Throughout the world, the lizard symbolism is connected to the sun and light. 

Also, the lizard animal totem is connected to dreams. 

The lizard is the happiest when basking in the sun, so, like your totem, make the sun your ally. Take in the sun rays when you can. This will energize and strengthen you. 

The lizard totem is powerful for people connected with young children, such as school teachers. 

The powerful lizard medicine is to bring you creativity and artistic abilities.