The High Priestess – Barangaroo

The High Priestess tarot card is generally believed to represent secrets, magic, mystery, intuition, wisdom, and the art of making the impossible become possible. This card can represent a psychic connection between people, a psychic person, or someone who is a complete mystery to you. It can also represent using your inner voice to navigate through life. The High Priestess can represent your subconscious, and/or your subconscious beliefs.

Barangaroo was one of the powerful figures in Sydney’s early history. She was a Cameragaleon, from the country around North Harbour and Manly. The Cameragal group was the largest and most influential group in the Sydney coastal region.
The High Priestess may be seen in many people. As a woman who had knowledge of laws, teaching and women’s rituals the energy of the High Priestess is a powerful driving force within Bangaroo.

Barangaroo was an influential figure in the early contact between Aboriginal people and the British authorities in the years following the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. Having survived the smallpox epidemic of 1789 that killed her first husband, and it is believed more than half of Sydney’s Aboriginal population, she was ‘one of a reduced number of women who had the knowledge of laws, teaching and women’s rituals and she exercised this authority over younger women’