Bonnie’s Skool of Tarot

You might be familiar with the concept of ‘signs’ – those special encounters in nature that feel like they have a message for you. Like the site Native Symbols, this site echoes those sentiment and celebrates sentient connections.

Once upon a time, well every year actually, Bonnie the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo responded to the call of the Wild Mother, took flight and joined her raiding gang.

The skies in the region filled with white as flocks of these wild birds descended on their favorite snacking sites. One of their favored trees belonged to an old crone who, frustrated by them stripping her beloved Ornamental Chinese Pistachio of its berries and hurling swags of discarded clippings on the ground, tried to frighten them away by banging her saucepans with a metal spoon. This never really worked for Cockatoos are fearless, strategic birds! They simply waited for her to go back inside and resumed feasting.

The war continued for many seasons, but then one day the crone decided that this was not a war she was going to win. One Cockatoo caught her eye. Well actually, their eyes met at the same time and believe it or not they became firm friends, joined forces and set out on adventures together.

There is never a dull moment when you travel with Bonnie. She is a hyperactive, high maintenance, naughty show pony who is not above photobombing everyone’s photos! But if these photos are any indication she is also a lot of fun, up for all sorts of adventures.

And if the old Crone is honest she has to admit that Bonnie makes her feel younger.

Interested! Got nothing better to do? You can learn more about these adventures and how the Skool of Tarot came into being by checking the posts as they magically appear!

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